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Writing Assignment #2

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Free-write about a time when someone else misjudged you (a.) based on your appearance, (b.) based on something you said and (c.) based on something you did. Spend at least five minutes on each. Then, choose the anecdote you feel most strongly about and expand on it. Spend 15 or more minutes writing this anecdote in scene form, using dialogue, if desired.
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On August 10th, 2005 02:59 pm (UTC), lulu_plum commented:
Free-writing exercise...
Based on my appearance, I know I've been judged to be an A-student in high school, when really, I was too busy in my own little world to care about anything that the teachers were teaching. Mostly this was because of my glasses. People with glasses are simply "nerds" and therefore, must also be scholars. Sure, I was intelligent, but I spent so much time writing poetry, gazing out windows, reading books and listening to music that things like homework and paying attention in class weren't things I could be bothered with. It was a little embarrassing that I was so adrift when most people expected the girl with the glasses to have it together. I had *tried* to pay attention in classes, *tried* to concentrate on my homework, but I just couldn't manage. I'd feel awful and close to tears when teachers scolded me for not turning in work or turning it in late. High school just made me feel so stupid.
But I'm not stupid, despite the fact that I've said and done many ditzy things during my existence. I know I've spoken too soon, spoken words that made little sense, have hesitated to do things and then looked more like I really didn't know how to do them. I imagine that people think me ditzy a lot, and admittedly, there is a lot I don't know and I have also been very naive. It hurts, however, to know that some people will always see me one way and never know how much there is under the surface.
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On August 10th, 2005 03:02 pm (UTC), lulu_plum commented:
Wow, that's really awful. Then again, I suppose it need not be perfect, since it is just free-writing. But...ugh.
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