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My reply to writing assignment #1

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"A blade of grass is always just a blade of grass, whether you are in one country or another." -- Samuel Johnson

A place you've never been and never want to go

A journey

They say "the grass is always greener" where you are not, but all grass is just grass. Every place has the same potential for creating memories, potential for a new life. I know, though, that I would like to see Paris, France; I also know that I never want to go to Austrailia. There, it is supposedly hot, dry and the most poisonous snakes in the world inhabit the cracked, parched land. Stereotypically, the accents are annoying as opposed to English accents, which are soft, lilting and sexy. And all the Austrailians I know of are kangaroo-watching, crocodile-hunting blonder-than-blondes, and who needs that? I can't imagine finding kindred spirits in Austrailia like I can in Paris or London. I can't imagine a bookish, professorial shy-guy in the outback any more than I can imagine a Steve Irwin-type roaming around London in a double decker bus or sipping cappucinos at a Parisian sidewalk cafe. Perhaps that's just the limits of my imagination, though. What do I really know about the outside world, when I've barely been anywhere? In truth, I may say I'd never want to go, but if the option presented itself, I can't say with any certainty that I wouldn't take it.
Life is a journey, afterall. Cabin fever has gotten the best of me and I am desperate to take a journey soon. I want to finish my book and finish college and I would love to teach writing, preferably to college students. Of course, I'd also teach English, happily, to children in foreign countries if it meant I'd be paid to travel and see the world. I want to go overseas so badly: Europe, Asia, Africa. I want to start studying French again and go to Paris. (There must be cheaper ways to get there; I just need money). I'd like to work as a copywriter in Chicago, I think, or as a writer's assistant. I'd even live in a basement and live on rice if it meant a way to reach out and touch my dreams as realities.

My reply to the second assignment is here.
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