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.writing exercise #1.

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I got this assignment directly from here.

First of all, pick a number from 1 to 6. Once you have your number, click on the cut below for further instructions...

"1. 'All places are distant from heaven alike.' Robert
Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy, (1621), 2.2.4

2. 'One always begin to forgive a place as soon as it's
left behind.' Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit (1857-58),

3. 'A blade of grass is always a blade of grass, whether
in one country or another.' Samuel Johnson, quoted in
Hester Lynch Piozzi's Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson (1786).

4. 'A place is nothing, not even space, / Unless at its
heart a figure stands.' Amy Lowell, "Thorn Piece," A Shard
of Silence (1957).

5. 'What I was at home, I was in a better place; but
travelers must be content.' Shakespeare, As You Like It
(1599-1600), 2.4.17

6. 'In the Big City a man will disappear with the
suddenness and completeness of the flame of a candle that
is blown out.' O. Henry, "The Sleuths," Sixes and Sevens

[Quotations from The International Thesaurus of Quotations
by Rhoda Tripp ISBN 0-06-091382-7]

Now you have a quotation. Pick another number from one to

1. Your childhood pet
2. The best day you had at school when you were young
3. Your favorite dessert
4. A song you hum when you're not thinking about it
5. A favorite store
6. A place you've never been and never want to go

and for the cherry on your sundae... Another number from
one to six?

1. A journey
2. A game
3. A war
4. A machine
5. An organism
6. A society

Now take your quote, your personal reference, and your
metaphorical lens. Write one down and think of at least
five points about it. These can be things it reminds you
of, they can be thoughts or sensations that pop into your
mind, they can be almost anything. Write them down.

Do the same for the rest.

Now look at the 18 points or topics. Do you see common
threads? Are there conflicts? Can you put some part of
these together in an interesting way? Do you need to add

Spend a little time wrestling with your own thinking, then
look at how to present what you have developed in another

I know, I'm totally cheating, but I've had a long morning. I'll post my answer to this exercise later. And I'll post another exercise before the end of the weekend.
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